Ontario Climber Crushes Competition at Ouray Ice Fest

Southern Ontario climber Nathan Kutcher beat out an international field of top competitors and emerged as the winner of the 2012 Ouray Ice Festival. Kutcher was the fifth climber to attempt the challenging mixed route and showed the crowd that he had come here to win. Climbing without gloves, Kutcher blasted up the initial part of the route and was the first climber to make it to the South Wall. Kutcher continued to climb strong and after taking a shake at the 12th bolt became the first climber to top out with 80 seconds remaining on the clock.

“I knew the route could be climbed faster, so I just had to sit and wait until everyone had climbed to find out how I did,” says Kutcher.

He would remain the only climber to successfully top out until Andres Marin who climbed the route with 74 seconds remaining. While Marin’s send was impressive, Kutcher remained in the lead as he had topped out six-seconds faster. The rest of the comp turned out to be a waiting game as Kutcher wondered if any of the remaining climbers would send the route with a faster time - no one did.

Having never competed in an ice comp, Kutcher was surprised and overjoyed with his win.

“It blows my mind. I new I was climbing well when I came out, but I never expected this. My goal was to climb my best and not come in dead last. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain,” says Kutcher.

Here is a video of Kutcher and the winner of the women's competition, Emily Harrington.

Final Results

1. Nathan Kutcher (topout)
2. Andres Marin (topout)
3. Simon Duverney
4. Bryan Gilmore
5. Sam Elias
6. Josh Worley
7. Kyle Dempster
8. Whit Magro
9. Marcus Garcia
10. Will Mayo
11. Stanislav Vrba
12. Logan Tyler
13. Rob Cordey-Cotter

1. Emily Harrington
2. Dawn Glanc
3. Jen Olson

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